Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello and welcome

Hello everyone and I would like to formally welcome you to my new fashion blog. This is a blog for true fashionistas who have an eye and passion for fashion. Before I get into what kinds of things I will be posting, I shall introduce myself by doing some quick facts about me.

Name : Matthew

Last Name : Rossi

Hobbies : Gaming, designing fashion items, baking cupcakes and hanging out with my friends

Personality : Funny, bubbly, creative, free-spirited and easy to be friend

Likes : PPQ, Vogue, collecting tea-cups, drinking tea, hairspray (movie) and wasting time on the internet

Dislikes : Spiders, poorly dressed people, self-centered people and waking up in the morning

Now, about what I will be posting on this blog. Well, what I would like to start with is with posting some of my own designs. Just so I can show you guys what kind of styles I fancy and what I don't, so you getting a better understanding of who I am. I would also  like to post things I would love to wear and what I think will be the next "big" thing in fashion. Hopefully, this is still a big fat maybe, I might even sew one or two of my designs. These are just ideas at the moment, maybe in the near future I will have a clearer vision of what I really want to achieve with this blog. For now, good-bye and may your outfits be charming.

Lots of love, Matthew xoxo

P.S A few things I just want to point out before I leave, I am not a professional in anyway shape or form, I am just a boy who adores fashion and would like to make his mark on the world by designing clothes for everyone. And what better way to start than on the internet, I mean a lot of people make it big and I guess you've got to start somewhere. x

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